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LIDER - Innovative biopreparation

Project "The study of an innovative biopreparation for the optimisation of the organic wastes methane fermentation process"

supported by National Centre for Research and Development in the LIDER II Programme

Project value: 960 000 zł

Project manager: dr Magdalena Frąc

Application number: 048/L-2/10, contract number: LIDER/24/4/L-2/NCBiR/2011
Project implementation: 2011 - 2014

Research objective:
The project aim is the development of an innovative biopreparation which can optimise the methane fermentation process in wastes from the fruit processing and in dairy sewage sludge, and at the same time maximise the production of a methane-rich biogas and also utilise post-fermentation sludge properties. The project is interdisciplinary and complex. Apart from the biopreparation formula, the project scheme includes the description of post-fermentation sludge, an evaluation of its influence on environment and recommendation of a method to make a good use of such material. The recipients of the results are enterpreneurs and investors from the renewable energy sources field and from crop and food processing industry, who are interested in the possibility to neutralise the wastes in the methane fermentation process, and lastly, individual farmers interested in agricultural application of the post-fermentation sludge.