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PROJECT INNOTECH the program paths In-Tech

The development of high-tech silo press construction
with a high degree of innovation.

Acronym: PRASI
R&D Centre INVENTOR Sp. z o.o.

Project of the Consortium R&D Centre INVENTOR Sp. z o.o. and Institute of Agrophysics PAS in Lublin concerns the development, in the course of advanced industrial research and development of innovative design in the form of agricultural machinery innovation in the international silo press, and the technology of production, and then implementation in the company's business practices of the Group SIPMA-SIPMA S.A. Innovative technological solutions (the effect of the project) will be based on an innovative approach to the issue of the appropriate method of filling the foil sleeve by ensilageapplication the innovatory technology of metering rollers and unique technology of the set points, and independent hydraulics, which from the point of view of the target industry (agricultural machinery) and other sectors (agriculture and green energy production) is a complete novelty in the world.

Duration of the project: 2013-2014