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Project "Generation of non-destructive apparatus to assess the quality of fruits and vegetables on the basis of the phenomenon biospeckle"

received funding for the National Research and Development Cenrtum
in the frame of the X
Development Project Competition in the amount of 1 150 000

Project Number: N R 12 0137 10
Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. DSc  Artur Zdunek

Duration of the project: 2011-2012

The planned effect of the project is an innovative device that will allow for non-destructive evaluation a of the consumer and technological quality of fruits and vegetables, which will contribute to more effective use in economy practice. The device will be based on a poorly known in Poland and Europe biospeckle method. Evaluation of the consumer and technology quality and usefulness of fruits and vegetables can be done in many ways, both destructive and non-destructive. However, the latter have significant advantages: 1) can be used for sorting lines, and 2) the same fruit may be subjected to additional supplementary tests, which is important i.a. because of the individual variability in a particular group. Both reasons are so important that in the scientific world (especially in Europe) are observed in recent years, intense development of research on non-destructive methods.

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