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Research project - Paths of Copernicus

Enterprise of the Minister of Science and Higher Education "Paths of Copernicus"

ProjectBecome an explorer of physics, chemistry and biology in nature - workshops, experiments, research

received funding of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in amount of 200 000 PLN


Coordinator and representative of the Institute: PhD Jolanta CIEŚLA

Based on announcement of the Minister of Science and Higher Education founding will be for only one project in the province. Learn more about the projects on

Planned duration of the project: 2013-2014

The project will be realized under the Consortium The Bohdan Dobrzański Institute of Agrophysics represented by the Director of the Institute Prof. DSc Józef Horabik and  Polish Agrophysical Society represented by Prof. DSc Janusz Laskowski.

The aim of the project is to popularize science among members of the local community, especially among youth.

Website of the project