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European Cosmic Agency Program

Project title: Supporting SMOS data Interpretations for Water and Climate Related Proofs in Transboundary Biosphere Reserves on Eastern Borders of Poland

Coordinator: Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, dr. Wojciech Marczewski

Representative of IA PAS: prof. Boguslaw USOWICZ

Project implementation: 2010-2011

Conducted studies involved issues related to climate change on area of Polesie, mainly with the distribution of soil moisture using the SMOS satellite, with around three Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve on the Polish eastern border. The emphasis on the analysis of data obtained from satellites - L2 brightness temperature, soil moisture SM ground, vegetation classification, taking into account the water content in plants. The ultimate goal is to support moisture measurements from satellites with higher resolution SAR and validating SMOS observations. Another goal is methodological, namely to compare the performance of different types of working with single, double and full polarization. Other is to obtain the skills necessary to create a DEM. This objective is to improve our research capabilities with the interpretation of SAR data from the Carpathians.
Currently, activities conducted by a consortium in Poland, the development of Cal-Val SWEX program (Water, Soil and Energy Exchange) in the Cal-Val SVRT AO-3275 for SMOS validation. In the period from 2009-2011 research was funded by the ESA PECS program, project SWEX-R. But our objective is to develop a project in FP7, focusing on the study of Polesie wetlands. Therefore, we seek opportunities for cooperation with partners in Ukraine, Belarus and possibly Russia. Three areas were selected TBRs outside Polish borders. The project focuses on the use of ALOS, RS2 and SMOS data in the region of Polesie wetlands.
The project should give results on the extension of research to areas outside the EU to the East, and our eastern partners to enable the use of EU programs in the Eastern Partnership in the field of environmental research.