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European Cosmic Agency Program

Program title: Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)

Project title: SWEX/R - Soil, Water And Energy Exchange/Research

Representative of Poland: Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, dr. Wojciech Marczewski

Representative of IA PAS: prof. Boguslaw USOWICZ

Project implementation: 2009-2012

The international project implemented under the Plan for European Cooperating States of the European Space Agency (PECS). It has the objective of supporting ground-based environmental research conducted in Poland, as part of a global campaign, Cal-Val ESA's SMOS mission. The project will give the basic technical and organizational support measurement campaigns carried out in an earlier draft SWEX Poland (2005-2009) and maintain the ability for partners to cooperate with SMOS, for the duration of the mission (3 years). Partners conduct ground-based monitoring of soil moisture, the water cycle and its associated energy, and an assessment of the environment, to the extent consistent with the objectives of SMOS.