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LIDER - Teksture-modifying agent


Project "New texture-modifying agent on the basis of waste products of fruit and vegetable industry"

The project is financed from the National Centre for Research and Development from LEADER II programme.

Project budget is 1 million PLN.

Project manager: Dr Eng. Justyna Cybulska

Project number: 23/109/L-2/10, Application number: 109/L-2/10
Project number: LIDER/23/109/L-2/NCBiR/2011

Project implementation: 2011-2014

Research objective:
The aim of the project is to develop a food additive based on polysaccharides from cell walls which firm the texture of food products. Fruit and vegetable marc, by-products in food processing companies, is used as material for the production of the preparation. The product will be enriched with scarce elements of diet. The product will be characterised comprehensively and evaluated for its use in food production technology.  The main result of the project, a firming additive, will be useful for food processing companies. Beneficial for health product properties can be used in developing dietary food products. The product will generate a new opportunity to use fruit and vegetable processing by-products.

Project schedule:
Task 1. The analysis of firming additives market in Poland and the methods of utilising fruit and vegetable by-products.
Task 2. The development of production matrix with firming properties.
Task 3. The characteristics of biochemical, microbiological, physical and technological properties of the material and the base matrix.
Task 4. The definition of capacity to bind other pro-health substances by the polysaccharide matrix.
Task 5. The analysis of technological usefulness of a new firming additive to stabilise the texture of food products.
Task 6. The analysis of potential use of the product in food production; project promotion and result dissemination.