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Regional Laboratory of Renewable Energy

Project "Regional Laboratory of Renewable Energy"

The main aim of the project is the support for socio-economic development of Eastern Poland by dissemination the knowledge and innovation concerning renewable energy sources through:

  • cooperation between scientific centers of Lublin, Eastern Poland and Europe
  • increasing the research quality in areas important for economy of the region and country
  • promoting and conducting research on the use of biomass as renewable energy sources
  • increasing the number of scientists conducting research on renewable energy sources
  • support of current statutory activity of the Institute of Agrophysics PAS
  • support of current research work, patents protection, publications of innovative solutions    and results of scientific research
  • adaptation of laboratories, improvement of quality and conditions of work

Total value of the project amounts 25 mln PLN (about 5.8 mln €), whereof the amount of 23 mln PLN  (about 5.2 mln €) comes from Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007 – 2013.

 Project implementation: 2009 – 2011

Investment tasks:

  • Modernization of research laboratories
  • Provision of laboratories in hi-tech research equipment
It is assumed the results of the project will be:
  • providing the access to hi-tech research apparatus for at least 14 units
  • providing the access to scientific studies, publications, for at least 80 institutions
  • the use of special apparatus by at least 100 scientists
  • opening at least 6 PhD positions
  • conducting at least 6 scientific project with the use of the special equipment

Main direct beneficiaries of Project will be scientists, conducting high quality research with the use of advanced equipment.
Indirect beneficiaries of Project will be public institutions such as universities, scientific institutions, agricultural advisory centers, and private businesses such as farmers, companies of renewable energy sector.

Project team