Fundusze Unijne
Finished projects

Recently finished projects:

  1. InterReg - ICeBE - Interregional Research-Education Centre in Institute of Agrophysics PAS in Lublin
  2. InterReg - Creation of trans-border network of ecosystem soil monitoring in International Bioreserve West Polesie
  3. InterReg - Education and adaptation of IA PAS laboratories for increase of  food quality in PL-BY-UA neighboring area
  4. 6th FP EU - PL-MoC NETWORK - Polish Network of Mobility Information
  5. 6th FP EU - RIS LUBELSKIE - Development of Regional Innovation Strategy of Lubelskie Voivodship
  6. 5th FP EU - Center of excellence for applied physics in sustainable agriculture AGROPHYSICS
  7. COST Action 928 - Control and exploitation of enzymes for added – value food products
  8. COST Action 921 - Food matrices: structural organisation and impact on flavour release and perception
  9. COST Action 634 - On- and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion
  10. COST Action 623 - Soil Erosion and Global Change
  11. SMOS
  13. BaltFood - The BSR Ford Luster Innovation and Competitiveness in Action. Fostering innovations across the Baltic Sea region